Warm Up and Cool Down

How often does your work out session include a warm up and cool down process. If your answer to that was almost never, then you should be ready to take on injuries that can stay with you for life. The warm up and cool down process is as important as the work out itself. If you have a trainer at the gym and he has not advised you already on how important these steps are you need to bring it to the attention of the gym authorities.

Anyways, the warm up is that part of your routine which slowly prepares your body for the strenuous exercise that you are going to take on during your work out session. Warms ups should ideally be low impact exercises that help prepare your body for your work out.

Once your work out is done, it is important that you take on another round of low impact exercises to bring your body down to a resting state. Cooling down helps in reducing the risk of soreness of the muscles, the cool down process also ensures that your body is rested and you do not faint or collapse after a strenuous bout.

Why is the warm up so important?

If you walk in to a gym today you will see a number of youngsters trying their hands at a variety of equipment that is lying around. They do not know how to use the equipment and very well do not know what the process to be followed is. It is these aimless souls, who did not have the wisdom to request for an instructor to supervise their training who will end up hurting themselves, their backs, muscles in their arms or legs in all likeliness.

A warm up is important for the following reasons:

- A warm up will prepare your body to handle the stress that the work out is going to exert on your muscles.
-  You need to warm up even before you play some sports not just when you are at the gym. Therefore your warm up routine should be tailored in accordance to the stress you are about to undertake.
- Cold muscles have difficulty in stretching. When you warm up your muscles you decrease the risk on injuring yourself.
- A good warm up will reduce the stress that the exercise to follow will exert on your heart.
- A warm up will help increase the temperature of your body as well assist a high rate of metabolism.
Why is Cooling Down so important?

Cooling down after a strenuous work out is as important as warming up before your exercise. A few stretching exercise with a combination of some low impact aerobic exercises are used to get the body down to a resting state. Cooling down the body helps get rid of metabolic waste that may have accumulated during the work out process.

You may work out for a number of hours but your body will get tired faster if you don’t warm up and cool down. These two stages are very important if you want to avoid injuries and keep your body strong.

Karan Bansal


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