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Ever since I was a little kid, my father dedicated his Sundays to taking my brother and me to the club. We spent hours playing table tennis, I could hardly hold the racket for many years, but I used to run around and enjoy doing that. We spent time in the swimming pool and once in a while tried our luck at the tennis court as well. The idea was to keep us active, to channelize our energy and relieve all the pent up stress. My father is 62 years old and he goes for a walk every day in the morning. He is in the pink of health and that can only be attributed to a life well lived.

You may be young now and your mind and body may be able take the abuses to dish at time and again, but as you grow older with ever passing year, your body is going to start giving you hints. If you cannot climb a flight of stairs today without stopping and stealing a few breaths, think about how you will be when you turn five years older. Scary isn’t it? If you want to keep your active you have to keep in working. Instead of checking out the latest movies on television on Sunday afternoon get some friends together and play some sports. Go for a swim when you come back home from work or a tiring day at the college.

Indulging in sports is a great way to socialize as well as keep your body healthy. Schools all across the country try and inculcate the habit of playing sports in young boys and girls. With some it sticks and with others it never had a chance. A few sports that can keep your adrenalin pumping and your mind and body strong are discussed below. You do not have to have a pro career in either of the mentioned sports to stay fit. Just participate in them, even a weekly game played with friends can do wonders. However make a habit of it and you will see a dramatic difference.


You maybe a Rooney fan and you may have the knowledge of who is going to buy Liverpool next but how is that helping you exercise. If you have passion for the game, show it by making it an essential part of your life. You will surely have a set of friends who love the game too, so get them together week on week and play a game or too in your building compound. Football is a great way to exercise and keep the body active.


YMCA has a number of tennis courts all through the country. If you like tennis, but have no aspirations to be the next Federer don’t centre your life around the sport but visit the court at least three or four times a week. Tennis helps tone the muscles of your body and keep you alert and active.

Sports are fun to watch and fun to participate in. And if you are a sport you should play to win, but if you don’t win, don’t be sad, because you may lose the battle but you are working towards winning the war of good health.

Akash Suri


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