Chronic fatigue syndrome is just a fancy way of saying “you are tired”. even though being tired might not seem like such a serious ailment but the human body, like any other piece if machinery, tired of performing all day, needs a rest at the end of the day. People need to calm down and recharge and rejuvenate themselves in order to be up and ready to handle the next day which promises to be just as draining.

Are you always tired? You need to wire yourself on tea and coffee to keep you going? You are just suffering from Chronic Fatigue illness. There are symptoms that can be identified and measures can be taken to combat this problem.

There can be several reasons behind being tired all the time. The first and foremost reason, and something that the urban population is increasingly having to deal with is, stress. Being overworked and worrying about small things in life can lead to psychological problems like depression which in turn can lead to sleepless nights which ends up disturbing your sleep cycle, result? You wake up in the morning groggy, un-rested, and suffering from morning fatigue and with no strength to face the day ahead. Insomnia is one of the most common reasons behind this ailment, as due to insomnia the body misses out on adequate nutrition and rest. Another very common reason behind being tired is not getting the proper kind of nutrition. Vitamins and minerals are what keeps our body going and in today’s lifestyle with junk food and eating out all the time, one tends to lose out on these important nutrients which ends up affecting our body negatively making us bloated and lethargic.

There are very recognizable symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. Having no energy all the time is something that you yourself must have complained of at numerous points in your life, it is borne out of sleep deprivation. Body weakness being another one of these symptoms. Signs like headaches, droopy and blood shot eyes, labored breath, irregular heartbeats, heart palpitations that seem faster than normal, inattentiveness etc. Dizziness is the most obvious syndrome of being tired as a person will get bouts of black outs, feel faint and dizzy due to lack of oxygen supply to the brain. These symptoms tend to vary from person to person but broadly these symptoms are the most common and obviously noticeable symptoms and should not be ignored. If a person shows any of these, should make sure they take proper rest and take care of their nutrition.

You will be surprised by how a few simple measures can help one combat this ailment. It is important to get eight hours of sleep everyday in order to completely rest your body. Meditating before you got to sleep and clearing your mind of all kinds of worrisome thoughts can do wonders for your sleep pattern. Drinking a glass of cold milk also helps. A healthy diet combined with a bit of regular exercising, which could include working out or yoga can really help you to relieve tension and get a good night’s sleep. A relaxed body and mind are the two most important things that one needs to have in order to feel fatigued all the time.

If none of this is working out for you that it is advisable that you see a doctor or a practitioner for a correct diagnose and treatment in order to remedy it.



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Stretch to Fitness

All the exercise buffs who practice long distance running are seen to face a lot of complications and injuries, if not guided and trained properly. Over use of one’s body, being over ambitious and trying to take a short-cut, definitely doesn’t help a runner achieve that perfect run, and will definitely end up conversely affecting the body. It is said that to run one kilo meter, the body needs around 100 tons of energy to burn. Thus one should make sure that firstly the body has enough potential within, so as not to over work oneself and at the same time the extra calories is burned the right way. Stretching exercises are extremely important for a runner. These exercises can be divided into warm up and cool down exercises to be done before and after running. Stretching before running helps to increase the blood flow within the muscles while cool down stretching exercises helps a person get rid of the lactic acid mount up from the muscles which reduces the occasional soreness of the muscles.

Given below are some of the basic stretching exercises:


This exercise stretches the adductor muscles in the leg which is found in the inner thighs. In this exercise, stretch your legs sideways, as far as possible, bend down, put your hands on the floor and gradually push yourself down stretching your legs to the point at which you won’t be able to push it anymore. Always ensure that your feet are toughing the floor.


One of the best stretching exercises also known to be the best dynamic stretching exercise. Dynamic stretching exercises are the ones which consists of continuous strain on the muscles and are done in rapid succession. Dynamic stretching exercises help in increasing the heart rate. Lunges are to be done in two different ways stretching the hip flexors and the groin muscles. For the hip, put one of your legs forward into a deep lunge keeping the toes of the front leg pointing forward, while the toes of the hind leg should be curled under. Stay in that position for a few seconds and repeat the same with the other leg. Repeat the same exercise for the groin the only difference being that the inside edge of the foot is flat on the floor. Lower you torso as you perform both the exercises to feel your muscles stretching.

Hamstring stretch:

This exercise is for the knees. In this you have to sit down on the floor with one leg stretched out in front while the other leg is bent. Keep your back and head straight and bend down while you try to touch your toes. You will feel immense pressure along the inner thigh but is considered to be very effective for the knees and the thighs.

Quadriceps stretch:

This exercise is for the front thighs. Stand against the wall and bend one of legs in a way that the heel touches the buttocks. Use the wall as a support. Stay in that position as long as possible and repeat the same with the other leg.

Calf raises:

This is one of the best exercises for the calves as well as the ankle. Stand at the edge of a stair of an elevation which can be used as a replacement for stairs. Keep one leg on the ground and stand in a way that only half your foot is on the stair while the heel portion is hanging in mid-air. Now lift yourself up along the heels and slowly come down. Repeat the same atleast 10-15 times and repeat the same with the other foot.

One should be extremely careful before doing these exercises as any wrong move can lead to serious injury. Stop the moment any of these exercise start hurting you. Do not stretch yourself too much. Always consult your doctor before getting into any form of a physical activity.

Aditya Vij


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Emergency Contraceptive Pills: Short Term Solution, Long Term Problems

Emergency Contraceptive Pills (ECPs) are hormone pills that contain higher amounts of Estrogen and Progestins than are present in Combined Oral Contraceptive Pills or Birth Control Pills. They are meant to be used as an emergency measure to prevent unwanted pregnancies in case of unprotected sexual intercourse or if primary methods of contraception fail. These pills can greatly reduce the risk of occurrence of a pregnancy but do not completely eliminate this risk. With the widespread availability of these pills increasing, that too with no need of a prescription, there are some concerns about the health effects on frequent users – particularly the youth.

Health Effects

ECPs are targeted mainly at women in the age group of 25 – 45 years. But with ever increasing rates of sexual activity as indicated by pregnancy or abortion rates among teenagers, these drugs have the potential of being widely misused by teens who may or may not be aware of the full implications of the pill. There are various combinations of hormones that can be used to make an ECP and the precise formulation may differ from brand to brand. The studies of the World Health Organization indicate that the ECPs that are formulated with only Progestin have no negative impact on health in the sense that the benefits of these pills outweigh the risks of taking them with regard to various medical conditions.

But there are a number of side effects associated with Emergency Contraceptive Pills that the youth should be aware of, such as:

Disruption of Menstrual Cycle

Ovarian Damage



Abdominal Pain




Breast Tenderness

Skin Allergies etc.

Some or all of these effects may or may not manifest, depending on the individual, but the most commonly cited problem is that of a disruption in the menstrual cycle, since the high dose of hormones can lead to an early period if the pill is taken before ovulation or a delayed period if taken after. This disruption usually occurs only for the first cycle after the pill has been used. It has also been found that using ECPs very frequently can raise the risk of ovarian damage and can even reduce the chances of a pregnancy later in life. These risks are significantly higher for younger women, which is why there is a need to create more awareness about the ill-effects of indiscriminately using emergency contraceptive pills.


Unlike the use of a condom, the use of an emergency contraceptive pill only, provides absolutely no protection against AIDS or other Sexually Transmitted Diseases such as Herpes, Hepatitis B, Syphilis etc. The convenience of using ECPs may lead to rash and irresponsible sexual behavior such as unprotected sex on the part of the youth. This mistake could lead to a number of infections or problems, unwanted pregnancy being only one of them.

While an Emergency Contraceptive Pill is a boon for any young woman wanting to prevent a pregnancy or the prospect of an abortion, the youth must exercise caution and be fully aware of the effects that unprotected sex can have on their health and well-being. ECPs can only reduce the risk of an unwanted pregnancy, while a condom is a superior means of protection against infections as well as prevention of a pregnancy. ECPs can be used as an additional measure of protection along with the condom if need be, that too only when it is really an emergency.

Shraddha Suresh


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Feeling like your stomach is geting drilled

Have you been coming across too many people with kidney stones? Don’t be surprised because you could probably be in the process of getting kidney stones yourself. Statistics show that more than 3 million people are affected by kidney stones every year. Kidney stones being one of the most common urologic disorder is also one of the most painful disorders which leads to extreme pain around the abdomen and the lower stomach.

For those who don’t know what kidney stones are, they are basically developed from crystals which separate from urine and get deposited over a period of time to form hard masses of crystallized stone. It is caused when the urine is unable to eliminate such crystals as they normally contain chemicals which automatically eradicates the crystals, but in some cases fail to do so. Most of the times the crystals are so small that they pass out of the urinary tract while urinating, but in some cases fail to do so.

Most people relate kidney stones to bad food eating habits though it has also been found that more than 70% of the people with kidney stones suffer the same due to hereditary reasons. Even though food hardly has anything to do with stone formation, excessive amounts of animal fat, protein and salt can also lead to formation of stones. Food such as beetroot, dark leafy vegetables, spinach, strawberries, raspberries, excessive meat products, draft beer, butter, peanut oil, excessive tea, sugar products etc should be avoided.

You can start having more fibrous food, vegetables, grains and definitely increase your water intake. You would easily get to know when you have kidney stones when your urinary tract gets blocked or you have blood coming along with urine as the stones try to pass out of the tract thereby damaging the walls. You should immediately consult a doctor in such cases as stones can majorly damage your kidney which acts as a filtration system for blood. Sometimes all this is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, back pain and pain around the groin area.

Archeologists once made a discovery where a mummy was found with kidney stones which proves that this problem dates back to centuries though we are the fortunate lot who now have ways to treat kidneys stones. Even though it is advised to drink gallons of water and take rest to ensure that one doesn’t go through too much pain, but it is still advised to get a test done which would determine the exact condition of the stones and the necessary treatments. In case of severe pain and enlarged stones, doctors usually suggest a surgery or laser therapy which is usually painless and hardly takes any time.

Even though kidney stones are extremely painful and can gravely damage your kidneys, diagnosing and treating them at the right time can save you a lot of long term trouble and help you live a stone free life.



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Care to Eat Before a Party

The holiday season is approaching with Diwali, Christmas and New Year festivities coming around the corner. Especially in the Indian society, festivals are usually accompanied by heavy feats and it is not surprising that some people do tend to over eat thanks to the various tempting delicacies they come across. No doubt there is still plenty of time left for these celebrations to come, but it is definitely the best time to start gearing up your body for them so that you don’t regret the excessive amount of fat that is bound to get stored in you body.

No doubt holidays are that time of the year when you would just want to let loose and indulge yourself in various temptations. I am not saying that you should not pamper yourself or stay away from festivities, but you have to ensure that you balance your health and food at the same time maintaining your weight and fitness regimen in moderation. Keeping things in moderation would allow you to keep a check on your weight and at the same time guarantee platinum fun all through out.

Given below are a few things which can give you a head start on your fitness regime:

1.    Do not over indulge during parties:
Some people have this tendency of starving themselves all through the day just so that they can relish the amazing delicacies at the party happening that night. Not the smartest things to do. Don’t even think of doing that as the body is unable to gather up so much of food at once and it can lead to excessive indigestion and storing of fat.

The sudden pressure exerted on your stomach might lead to stomach related problems. Eat just like you would eat on a normal day – breakfast, lunch and snack and you can leave the dinner for the party. This would reduce your temptation for the various delicacies you see but at the same time will help you eat things in the right amount. Don’t stick to just one dish, but try out all the items on the menu.

Eating through the day would also save you the embarrassment of getting drunk or a hangover since your body would react in a better way to alcohol if you already have some food in you. It is always advisable to accompany your drinks with some munchies and make sure that you drink in moderation. Having healthy food in the beginning will reduce your greed for the different delicious but unhealthy food, thereby giving you enough scope for tasting and not over eating which would definitely save you from the regrets.

2.    Do not eat under the impression that it is just a one or two day stretch and that it won’t really affect your health. Well it does. If a body can get affected by not eating for an entire day, it can equally get affected by unbalanced food intake.

3.    Always make a plan as to how you will go about following your fitness routine. Make realistic targets and make sure that you give the stipulated period of time to your exercise every day and stick to it no matter what. If you feel that you won’t have time to work out, take out just 10 minutes to do some warm up exercise though it usually tends to cross the 10 minute limit you might have set for yourself, but 10 minutes is just fine. Don’t overdo the exercises a day before you think you might not be able to give time the next day.

Keep these simple tips in mind to have a fun filled party while at the same time you don’t come back home and look at your tummy bulging out. Don’t wait till the new year’s to make resolutions for your health. Start now!!

Aritra Poddar


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Vicious Purple Hues

Brinjal has been having its share of publicity, for quite some time now. An Indian private seed company, Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company Limited (MAHYCO), Mumbai, in which Monsanto has a minority stake, developed a special variety of brinjal. Bt brinjal contains the gene, Cry1Ac, of the soil bacterium – Bacillus Thuringienesis. It has been in the news long enough for the common man to know that this increases the yield of brinjal by providing immunity against the Shoot and Fruit borer, a pest that attacks the plant, thereby reducing the amount of pesticides used.

Approval of Bt variety of brinjal would mean the future will soon witness other varieties of genetically modified crops. Do we entirely understand the effects of transmutation? A bacterial gene is integrated into the brinjal. This might integrate itself into the human body, over a period of time. We do not have enough years of research to prove otherwise. How can we be sure that this human intrusion will not have a long term effect on the entire food chain? Assuming it does alter the food cycle, do we understand the implications and magnitude of the coming catastrophe?

We need to look at issues beyond the obvious, because we do not have the answers to most of them.

Ethically speaking…
The GE brinjal contains two antibiotic resistance genes, which could render certain diseases untreatable. These resistance genes could be transferred to other soil bacteria, after decomposition, or to the bacteria present in our digestive system. GM-fed animals, in various studies, have shown that there are problems with their growth and immune responsiveness. Although no short-term effects were noted, longer-term studies (2 years), found – over 20 per cent fewer monarch larvae reached the adult butterfly stage, when exposed to naturally deposited Bt pollen. This shows that genetically engineered Bt eggplant, as opposed to Bt in its natural form, could be harmful to non-target organisms as well. It could be deleterious to the entire ecosystem.

Since the genetically modified brinjal looks the same as the natural vegetable, the consumer will be unaware of what he is purchasing. This is a violation of consumer rights.

The list of countries prohibiting cultivation of some or all transgenic products include Algeria, Benin, Uganda , Zambia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxemburg, Spain Switzerland, El Salvador, Bolivia and Venezuela. Why then should India be the test bed?

Engineering ethics requires us to abide by some moral responsibilities towards our environment. Alternate methods, which are safer, need to be devised and tested. If the contamination spreads, it will be very difficult to contain it.

Is supply already exceeding demand?
Excerpts from Amulya Pati’s article, published on 9th March, 2010, makes us look at the issue from a different angle:
“An increased production of brinjal in Jajpur district has spelt doom to its farmers as the high output had brought down their prices. Besides, there is no cold storage for preservation of brinjal and no industry for its by-products. … This season, as there has been a huge production of the vegetable, prices have nose-dived. At some places, farmers are forced to destroy the vegetable as there are no buyers.”

Research shows that brinjal constitutes eight per cent of the total vegetable production in India, which is not a small amount. It also shows that the brinjal is highly perishable and most of the yield is destroyed, because of inadequate storage facilities. Wouldn’t it be wiser to propose a solution to improve the storage facilities rather than adopting  uncertain (in terms of its side effects) means of unnaturally increasing its production?
The Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India Bill plans to create an autocratic body to allow genetically modified food into our country. Due to protests from various NGOs, the bill has not made it to the Parliament, as yet. The current policies on GM foods need to be reviewed, taking long term effects into consideration. We hope the government takes a decision, keeping the best interests of the economy, environment and human health in mind.

Deepashri Vardarajan


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Freaky Flakes

How many times has it been that you have had to face the embarrassment of having white snow flakes all over your shoulders and in some extreme cases stuck on to your eyelashes? How many times has it been that a person standing close to you tends to slowly nudge away or have your friends taunting you to death about your dirty hair? Well it is time that you get rid of those pesky flakes, dandruff.

Dandruff can be the biggest turn off factor for the second person as it gives an impression of you not managing your hair properly and definitely takes away points from your personal hygiene. It also affects your personal appeal which would definitely be more impressive without the dandruff. Dandruff is more of a medical problem and fortunately not a contagious one. It is not an incurable disease and can easily be treated.

When you see untimely snowfall on your shoulders at 40 degrees, its time you shift your focus towards your hair. Dandruff settles down in the hair as white chips or flakes and is easily visible to the naked eye especially while combing your hair. They are settled in the form of scales which can be seen as lumps or crusts on the scalp.

Dandruff can be the resultant factor of various impairments such as high toxic level within the body, un-healthy diet, hygiene and a low resistance to infections etc. Another very common cause is excessive stress element in your lifestyle. It is a common sight to see people itching their head during winters as the cold dries up the skin which results in the formation of dandruff. This condition is clinically known as seborrheic dermatitis and also affects other parts of the body such as the groin, eyebrows, ear and arm pits. This leads to excessive itching and often results in red patches which definitely aren’t the best sight to be seen.

The dandruff caused by such factors such as the cold weather, dirt etc can easily be treated by using general gentle shampoos twice or thrice a week, but in extreme cases, one must consult a doctor. It is important to keep the hair clean by shampooing regularly as not washing the hair leads to binning of oil and dead skin on the scalp which along with causing dandruff might lead to other infections. Though my grandmother’s best funda would be oiling the hair at least twice a month to keep the hair silky and smooth, there are plenty of other home remedies for dandruff which saves you the trip to the store and trying to choose the best suited shampoo for yourself. At the same time these natural solutions affects your hair more positively and genuinely than the chemically made branded shampoos.

Given below are some of those remedies which are guaranteed to get you rid of your dandruff problems:

Add a mixture of apple juice and warm water in equal proportions and apply on the scalp. Use for 10-15 minutes and then rinse your hair with luke warm water. Repeat the same thing thrice a week and you would see a permanent and easy solution to your dandruff problems.

Add a mixture of lemon juice and white vinegar. This combo is said to be one of the best solutions for you hair. Mix it in a ratio of 1:2 and apply on scalp. Let it stay for around 30 minutes after which wash your hair with luke warm water.

One of the oldest recipes against hair fall defense is a mixture of raw egg and oil. Even though this might be the smelliest solution to be used for your hair, the results are marvelous. Along with getting rid of dandruff, you also get healthier and smoother hair.

In my opinion using these mixtures and medicated shampoos are way better than using those regular shampoos all of which come with the same composition but are just packed in different sachets and bottles. Now live a dandruff free life and gain that confidence back which was getting fazed by your dandruff.

Aritra Poddar


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Not too friendly Video Games

Video games have been around for over 50 years now. And much to our understanding we don’t realise its harmful effects on us. Apart from the fact that video games are entertaining and exciting to play with, they are the primary reasons for some of the major problems caused to the human mind and body.

Aggressive behavior, long-term depression and eye problems are known to be some of the major illnesses found in children who are addicted to video games. Other effects of this sort of an addiction are poor lifestyle, less social life, lower health status- mentally and physically. Children tend to get hooked on to those games which have more graphic reality, leading to obesity, which is found to be one of the principal problems among children today. Video games are generally played in closed rooms accompanied by a lot of munching which leads to irregular eating habits. Too much food intake without much body movement leads to the production of excess fat in the belly.

Not all video game players are victims to such problems; it’s only the addicts who face such consequences. In a recent analysis, statistics show that almost 65% of video game addicts are obese. Video games do have beneficial effects too if used moderately. There are games such as the Nintendo Wii, which can boost the immune system and cardiovascular health of the child by moving body parts just like when you are physically playing a sport.

Causes for such an addiction vary from person to person but on similar lines. Children without siblings tend to seek companionship from video games, but even children with siblings tend to get addicted to it. This is because they either don’t indulge in outdoor activities or see their friends with such video games. The reason for such addiction is endless.

The percentage of children getting hooked on to video games in increasing day-by-day because of the rapid growth of gadgets in the market. Statistics suggest that since the past 10 year’s, gadgets from mobiles to hand video games and TV games have spread to such an extent among the youth (aged 6-24), that it is almost impossible to stop their usage. But parents and teachers can definitely try and reduce the usage of these gadgets by increasing their educational work, diverting their minds to more creative work, encouraging them to get involved into sports and other forms of exercise.

A recent study on Indian children from upper middle class families suggests that when kids return from school they tend to find peace in video games. When you get too addicted to it, then all you’re thinking of during school hours is which game am I going to play once I am back home, from where do I have to continue, etc. School going children must involve themselves in a creative usage of the mind.

This article does not state that video games of all forms are bad for children and the adults concerned should take strict action to help children avoid its usage. Video games, as mentioned, do have some good qualities too. But the fact is these games are made only for leisure time and should not barge into your routine.

Sneha Krishnan


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The Benefits of Beer

Beer is not something people usually associate with benefits, more particularly health benefits. However, you would be surprised to know the various advantages of drinking beer and no, it is not just losing weight, to your surprise there are many others.

It is interesting to learn that beer contains 0% fat and is supposed to reduce stress and helps in relaxation of mind and body. It also induces a better sleep. On medical grounds, beer leads to thinning the blood and reducing the risk of having a heart attack. It is a proven fact that people who have around 2 bottles of beer every day have a 20% lesser chance of getting a heart stroke than those who are teetotallers.

Beer also reduces the chances of having blood clots in the body as it increases the HDL content in the body that is more commonly known as beneficial cholesterol. It helps cleansing the bladder as it incites urination. Beer raises the level of anti-oxidants in the body that in turn enables more oxygen to flow within the blood. Oxygen helps in easier muscle movement hence more stamina and flexibility and makes an individual more active and physically fit.

Taking a bath with beer is as good as taking a bath with milk. Even though milk cleanses the whole body, beer is known to be the best thing for your hair. It is always advisable to wash your hair with beer at least twice a week. Beer is also an incomparable cooking tool and adds versatile flavours to the food. Considering the fact that beer has alcohol content which evaporates much faster than water, beer usually catches the essence of the food along with leaving behind a distinct flavour in the food. It can be used as marinades for beef, as a replacement to water for certain soups, and in gravies and other sea food to add to the taste and make the meals more sumptuous.

But beware, even though beer has its share of benefits, drinking beer in excessive amounts can lead grave health ailments such as cancer, liver problems and high blood pressure. Therefore, drink
beer and exercise control at the same time so that you can revel in the splendor of this alcoholic drink.

Shiv Dravid


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Eat Your Breakfast

Ever heard of the age-old adage? “Eat your breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper?” There is much merit in this saying so pay heed to it. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the most important for the diet of any individual.

Breakfast as the name suggests is the meal that breaks your fast of 8 hours, sometimes even more. It gives us the much needed energy after a night’s sleep but we often skip it as we are in a hurry to go to school, college or work. Energy is required to face the rigors of the day and eating a good breakfast helps a long way in getting through the day.

Having the right kind of breakfast not only aids in weight management, it also fuels the body to help provide energy, better concentration and problem-solving ability throughout the day.

The benefits of eating a healthy Breakfast everyday are many and cannot be overlooked.

Breakfast plays an important role in weight management and helps curb your hunger. A good breakfast ensures you do not end up binge eating later in the day. It is essential to manage your weight, keep a balanced diet and lead a healthy lifestyle especially in today’s times; and a sumptuous breakfast helps you achieve just that.

A good breakfast meal with right amounts of nutrients helps children concentrate.  Studies show that children who eat a good breakfast do better in school than children who do not. School children who skip breakfast have greater hyperactivity, irritability, and anxiety; more disruptive classroom behaviour; more tardiness; and a decreased ability to concentrate and solve problems.

In adults, a healthy diet as a breakfast can help reduce cholesterol levels. Breakfast meals should generally contain more vitamins and minerals and less fat and cholesterol. This gives adults better concentration and productivity throughout the morning and also helps control their weight. Therefore eating breakfast will not only help lower your cholesterol levels, which reduces your risk of heart disease.

Despite all its advantages a number of people skip their breakfast for a number reasons. The most common reasons are mentioned below along with tips on how to get over them.

If you do not feel hungry at breakfast time and use this as a common excuse in an attempt to lose weight, beware. Skipping your breakfast will ensure that you end up consuming more calories and thus have a reverse effect.

A good start to stabilising your breakfast meals can be by having a small breakfast. For a week or two, just have a fruit in the morning. By the third week, you’ll find yourself reaching for a bowl of cereal to go with the fruit.

If, however you are one of those who are always in a hurry and complain that there is no time for breakfast, the best way to overcome this deficit in your schedule is to set your alarm 10 minutes early. You will soon realise that 10 minutes of less sleep can lead to a healthier life.

If you want to make the most of your day, fuel your body early with the right intake of nutrients. Take time to eat a large, balanced breakfast. It’s a good investment of your time.



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