Oral Sex: Know When to Shut Your Mouth

Every day we hear stories about break ups and link ups in the news. We hear news about which star ‘did’ whom. In such an age where sexual content is present in books, on the internet, television and even in our slang, do you think the teenagers today can remain safe? Do you think that like the generations of the past they too can remain sexually inactive till they are wise enough to know the risks and responsibilities that sex brings along with it?

It is a fact we have to except. With passing years, the average age at which a teen commences his/her sexual activity is getting lesser and lesser. Teens today not only have sex but also talk about it to their friends thus further spreading the popularity of sex and of those who have it. However, we are lucky. Children today have passed the stage of being unwilling to listen. They are ready to listen and learn about safe sex. Most of them even are wise enough to know where to draw the line.

The problem now is not about unsafe intercourse. Most teens know the measures they have to take in order to be safe. The problem is the unsafe and incorrect notions about sex which have spread so wide and deep into the world that many adults too do not know the risks which they bring along.

One of the biggest examples of these is oral sex. Teenagers now-a-days are beginning their sexual lives with oral sex. Many even go to the extent of preferring oral sex over intercourse. The reason for this is that they still fear full-fledged intercourse because of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). More over intercourse needs some kind of contraceptive which many teens can’t afford. Others feel embarrassed asking the pharmacist for them.

Hence, they decide to have oral sex. They think it’s safe as it can’t cause pregnancy. With oral sex they believe they do not require a contraceptive and still are safe from STDs. But this is a misconception, a wrong notion. Yes, a girl can’t get pregnant by performing or receiving oral sex. But both the sexes are at a risk of STDs being transmitted through oral sex. Though the chances are very few as compared to vaginal or rectal sex, no chance is too small when it come to health.

There are two kinds or oral sexes; firstly when there is oral to penis contact and second is when there is oral to vagina contact. There are risks to both the receiver and the performer in both the cases.

If the performer has any kind of cuts or sores in his mouth or throat, he is at risk of getting one or more of the STDs which the receiver may be carrying.

A male receiver can spread the STDs he is carrying if he ejaculates into the mouth of the performer. However, even if ejaculation in the mouth is avoided, pre-ejaculate fluid also carries the virus or bacteria of the STDs thus putting the performer at a risk.

A female too can spread STDs to the person performing oral sex on her. The vaginal juices and blood may carry infection and if they come in contact with sores or cuts in the mouth of the performer, they will spread the infection.

If you think that only the performer is at a risk you are wrong. A performer can also spread infection to the receiver. If the performer is infected and has cuts or sores in his mouth, they can start bleeding thus causing the infection to spread to the receiver of the oral sex. Even a simple thing like weak gums or a visit to the dentist may cause bleeding in the mouth thus putting the receiver at a risk.

Almost all STDs can be spread through oral sex. These include: HIV, Herpes, HPV, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and Syphilis. There are many ways to prevent such kinds of infections. For example the use of condoms, female condoms or dental dams is effective in the prevention of spread of STDs through oral sex.

Teenagers can’t afford most of these contraceptives. Thus the only solution I see to this problem is awareness. The only way we can look to make children and teens aware is through their parents and teachers. Please let your children know what is safe and what is not. Talk to them. It may be awkward but it is worth breaking the awkwardness for your child’s health. Let your children know that some STDs are permanent. No recklessness on the pretext of being young and irresponsible will take away the disease when they are older. Let them know things change as they grow up and that they don’t need to have sex in order to be cool. Also let them know that once someone is labeled a ‘slut’ or ‘open’ it is really difficult to change the image in people’s minds.

At the end of the day it is health which is of first and primary importance. If you don’t know, read. Ask your parents. Ask your doctor. But please know what you are doing before you do it. Know where to draw the line.

And most importantly know when to shut your mouth.

Dipen Shah


Image Source: [http://www.churchtimes.co.uk/uploads/images/Story%203_Sex%20education%231%23.jpg]

3 thoughts on “Oral Sex: Know When to Shut Your Mouth

  1. Hi,
    Dipen Shah has written oon when to shu your mouth, its really nice and parents, teachers also need to be give a best examples to educate the people. that was a great thing if this are discussed openly.

  2. Yes. In our society where teenage sex is rampant especially in the metropolitans, we need to be open. I say this because I have seen how narrow minded people can be. In my school there was sex education for girls but not boys. This is narrow minded and utterly stupid.

  3. i guess the author of this article never got any action in his teen age and sound super frustrated :)

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